Author: John L. Brown
Illustrate Free:
Shows you how to illustrate all your picture books absolutely free, plus cover design, and interior format, the easy way.

Illustrate Free
A Guide to Illustration and Cover Design

So, you’ve written a book or you’re thinking of tackling a manuscript – good for you. It’s a worthy project, draining precious hours from your busy days, but it need not deplete your pocketbook, as well. Adding a splash of color or some fun illustrations to a final project is a wonderful way to make your manuscript stand out – and believe me, with the millions of books being published every year, it’s crucial to find a way to make yours ‘pop’. However, hiring professionals to draw a few pictures or create a cover can exhaust your profits, before you’ve sold a single book. Herein lies the solution to the problem – do it yourself…for FREE.

The shortcuts are easy, timely, and will yield results that you’ll be pleased to call your own.

In the pages of this unique guide you’ll learn how to:

Create and Format Your Book’s Cover
Draw and Scan Your Images to your Computer
Trace Images and Make Them Your Own
Find Public Domain Images to Illustrate Your Book
Turn Your Photos into Illustrations
Download Free Image Manipulating Software
Source Online Book-Making Software
And much, much more…

Make your creation come to life, learning the skills to move it from Blah to Brilliant. If you are a self-publishing author, you owe it to yourself to purchase this book and implement the ideas in this book…today! It is a ‘must have’ for anyone wanting to save the cost of hiring pricey illustrators or graphic designers. Get yours now and color your future.

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Author: I never thought that I could be a writer let alone be able to publish my own work. It was December of 2013 when I started to think about writing and lost a lot of sleep thinking about it. Before I hit the keys on my computer, I went through some rough nights trying to sleep thinking so hard on the subject of writing. So many stories were in my mind all at the same time. I kept saying to myself, you cant do this. I knew nothing about proper grammar, or where to use commas, I just did not know anything about writing. I couldn't spell the best, but I knew there was spell check and Google for that. I searched the web for hours and hours reading so much on the subject. I realized that I did not have to know everything there was to know about grammar because I can have someone else do this for me for a fee. After finding out some of the things that troubled me made me feel more confident I could write, so in March of 2014 I started pushing out story after story. I would write a story in one hour, eat something and push out another one. I wrote 21 books in that year 2014. I published them all and now I have many more waiting to be published. I don't think of myself as a professional writer, but a published writer. I may not be a great writer, nor am I a bad writer, not the best and not the worse. Just a writer of truth and from the heart...

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